World of Tanks Game Review

World of Tanks is one of the most popular online games in modern e-sports developed by the Belarusian private company Wargaming. It’s prove not only by a large audience of millions of users: already at the beta testing stage of the game in 2010, more than 40 thousand users became interested in WoT.

World of Tanks Game Discretion

To start the World of Tanks game, you just need to register on the official website and download the game. The game is free, you don’t have to pay anything.

First, you get one tank for each of the nations: the USA, Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, France, Great Britain and even China.

After entering the game, you find yourself in a garage in which you will have a bunch of free slots. Only one tank can be placed in each of the slots. Extra slots can be purchase by gold. However, you will not be able to create a garage of 100 tanks, and this makes no sense.

To start playing for any of the nations, you just need to go to the store and purchase a tank of the first level for free.

Your first tank, of course, is the most miserable in the game - it will take you through the first battle, which you most likely will fail miserably, which is understandable. The whole time.

The graphics and design of the game are quite high-quality, although they are significantly inferior to their main competitor - the game War Thunder. But overall, decent tank features. But options are not up to same— some building, for example, can be destroyed, but some can’t, but these are all little things that practically do not affect the level of entertainment.

The option of damage to tanks is present, but also not quite realistic - it is displayed in the form of scratches. There is no such thing here, for example, so that your tower falls off, although it’s quite possible to burn and destroy the tank.

For experience points, you can upgrade and discover new tanks. The upgrade includes changing the engine, turret, gun, chassis, walkie-talkie and much more.

Of particular importance in all this is the gun. Also in the game shells are of great importance - they are purchases for the money earned in battles.

From the power and type of projectile depends on its price. Some shells cost 1000 credits. For comparison - you can get, on average, 10 thousand credits for a battle, of which you will give 5 thousand for repairing a tank.

Accordingly, the remaining 5 thousand are just 5 shots. But in the event of an unsuccessful battle, you may not get these loans! Therefore, the game on some tanks can be not only unprofitable, but even unprofitable.

The initial tanks have one trick - they do not require repair at all, and the shells are free for them! Accordingly, everything that you get on them will only be a plus, although on the initial tanks, as you know, you won’t earn much.

Focus on upgrading one tank is much more effective than trying to upgrade several at the same time. However, it should keep in mind that the enemy may have an even more powerful tank than yours, except for those cases when a crowd can stupidly attack you. So to get a tank that is guaranteed to force everyone is almost impossible. This trick of the developers encourages players to want an even more powerful tank, which means that you will be drawn into the game for a long time.

World of Tanks is a strategic shooter game; so, strategies are particular importance here. Each tank is designed for its own special purpose. It is better to use each of them for its intended purpose, otherwise, nothing good will come of it.

You can talk about the features of each type of tank for hours. For example, light tanks are very Sharpe, they serve as a spy. Their task is to drive at high speed towards the enemy base, finding the location of enemy tanks. This information is very important for the operation of the allied artillery and other tanks.

For tanks that do not have impressive armor, the best tactic would be in ambush. Well, ambush into the center of the battle in artillery is simply ridiculous. The main thing is to sit at the base, being in the rear, or at worst - to hide in the bushes.

WoT hosts a lot of tournaments with notable prizes, so there are a lot of people who want to bet on World of Tanks.

The most significant tournaments:

WGL Grand Finals. In recent years, its prize pool has reached $ 1 million. Eleven battles take place within the WGL, with the central event of the WGL Grand Finals. Given its scale, only the World Cyber Arena can be considered its rival.

WGL NA / RU Seasons. A separate tournament with an annual prize pool of about $ 500 thousand. Winners, besides money, have a chance to get a ticket to participate in the WGL Grand Finals. The tournament has separate regional seasons in North America and Russia and is considered, although not a large-scale, but important tournament.

World Cyber Arena. The most popular and large-scale tournament with the largest prize pool for today, which takes place annually in December. Beside WoT, he organizes tournaments for other popular games. Before the main competition, World Cyber Arena holds many qualification tournaments.

World of Tanks Betting

Considering the constant growth of World of Tanks popularity, many bookmakers have added its tournaments to the betting line on their esports betting sites. Moreover, some BCs offer their customers special reviews of World of Tanks games, statistics, predictions, announcements of current events.

There are several types of bets on WoT. If we are talking about a tournament where a team game is being held, they are made for the result of the match/round/final. On the other hand, you can set the time needed to destroy the enemy team, the number of opponents killed in the round, match or tournament in general, as well as the best players of the tournament. will help to complete the big picture. In addition, it is not recommended to bet on the qualifying stages of large tournaments, since in these games it is very difficult to predict the results.

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