World of Warcraft (WoW)

Blizzard Entertainment is a very serious company and it deals only with serious projects. All players and game lover know this company have long known that Blizzards do not publish games that are not perfect. The most popular Blizzard project was the multiplayer online game World of Warcraft (WoW).

World of Warcraft starts in 2004, in America and became the most popular online game in the USA. The history of World of Warcraft is probably the most pleasing and interesting. There are whole books on which the battle of Azeroth are based. But the article will not be about this, I will tell you about the gameplay and features of the World of Warcraft. Although there is a lot of information about this game on the Internet, there are hundreds of sites working on absolutely everything that at least relates to Warcraft. But for me, it will be a sin if I do not tell my opinion about this truly great game.

World of Warcraft Game Process

The great and wide world of Azeroth holds many secrets and legends. It all started with the Titans, Dragons, Elementals and other mysterious animals. But the events of our game develop tens of thousands of years later. Orcs come to the world of Azeroth, which is inhabited by Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and other nations. The war begins, alliances are formed, and bloody battles are being carried on (if you want to know more, then read the story). As a result, two alliances are formed - the Alliance and the Horde, which are constantly fighting for territory and controlling the world of Azeroth.

When creating a character, you choose which side you will fight for. The night elves, humans, gnomes, and dwarves are alliance representatives, and the orcs, trolls, tauren, and the renounced are subordinates of the Horde. There are 9 choices of classes in the game, some of which are available only to certain races.

The process of pumping your character depends on the quests, which by the way are well-designed and have a meaningful chain for each of the races individually. The maximum level in the game is 60th, but after getting this level, your game does not end. Developers are constantly working on the release of new add-ons, which continues the history of the online game World of Warcraft. Currently, there are 5 versions, but I will talk about them in other articles.

Each player chooses what he will do in the game. To help your allies in the conquest of enemy territories or to collect raids on epic bosses directly related to the history of the game, to develop and level up professions or explore the world, or to do all this together. The game provides a lot of different activities that add to the gameplay with your head.

World of Warcraft Game Series

The first game in the World of Warcraft universe was released back in 1994. The current Warcraft 3 series includes several editions. The WoW Reign of Chaos was the first to launch the franchise. It was followed by the release of The Frozen Throne and Reforged.

Players are available in two game modes - single and group. Heroes belong to one of four groups. You can play for heroes from the race of Humans and Orcs, or take the side of the Night Elves and Undead. In each race, there is a certain set of heroes with their unique abilities and skills. Players have several tasks: to collect resources, develop their soldiers and defeat the enemy army.

Blizzard developers put a lot of effort into creating exciting gameplay, worked on high-quality graphics and sound to create an exciting fantasy world. Thanks to this, the game quickly took one of the leading positions in the world of e-sports, and WoW bets became popular among fans of video games.

Betting on World of Warcraft

Nobody can argue that World of Warcraft is not just a great game from Blizzard, but also the most commercially successful project in the field of MMORPG and in the industry of all time. Although at first the game of this genre did not attract fans to bet, still the raid race of development and the activities of the top leagues led to the fact that absolutely everyone looking for the development of new content. For some players, this is the way to become popular, for others - the ability to bet on various leagues and get solid profits.

Unlike session games, where bets are placed on specific matches or battles, MMORPG did not previously have an opportunity. However, the hype around the World of Warcraft develops very quickly led many players to not only follow the best leagues in the world master new content but also started betting on winning or killing individual heroes.

However, unlike other games, the main problem in World of Warcraft is to find high-quality and reliable esports betting sites where you can safely place bets. Today it is possible, as some of the largest portals have provided this opportunity for everyone who loves World of Warcraft, watches the World of Warcraft match or just wants to bet and win. We have prepared a list of the best resources where you can place bets without risk and any fears.

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Esports features in World of Warcraft

Over the years, Blizzard has been seriously thinking about “pulling” their projects to eSports. Today we are even talking about the World of Warcraft because the race of progress shows new excitement and focus millions of people around the world on monitor screens. One of the evidence of eSports plans is the more frequent release of content, which allows top players and groups to compete more often among themselves. And although betting on matches is possible only at a certain time, when Blizzard release the next content patch, this event is no less expected than any football championship.

World of Warcraft Conclusion

I played World of Warcraft for several years. Started when the second version of Wrath of the Lich King was released. To this day, I have not seen a game that actually surpassed WoW.

Of course, the authors' concept is already running out, and the game is already becoming different from what it was a couple of years ago. But this does not stop this game from getting high positions among the most popular online projects on the planet. The World of Warcraft online game is the best MMORPG I have ever seen, and I am sure that no other game will be able to surpass World of Warcraft in the scale and entertainment.

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