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World of Warplanes

After the famous World of Tanks, Wargaming decided to continue the series of military vehicles. Another project was the World of Warplanes, developed by the Persha Studia. For several months, the project went through all stages of testing and was released on November 10, 2013.

World of Warplanes Gameplay

Online game World of Warplanes is an MMO flight simulator dedicated to aircraft fight. The rules in battles are not far from WoT, where players are divided into 2 teams of 15 pilots, but they fight for supremacy not on the ground, but in the air. The aim of the battle is to destroy all enemies or their ground targets, while protecting their ranks. The gameplay is very simple - the battle starts already in the air, so a meeting with the enemy takes place for a while. Control is also simplified: maintaining speed is done using autopilot, the plane is rotated by moving the mouse in different directions, you can use fast and furious, and the fire is carried out with the mouse buttons.

As in World of Tanks, the total fleet is divided into different types of equipment: standard and premium category aircraft are presented. The standard is bought for an in-game currency called “credits”, while the premium will have to be paid with real money convertible into so-called. "Gold". Classes of aircraft are divided into three types: fighters, heavy fighters, bombers, multirole fighters and ground-attack aircraft. Each one has his own tasks in air combat, and if for some reason the attack aircraft pilot begins to play the role of a fighter, he will not hear anything good from his teammates.

The player of World of Warplanes spends all his time in the air. The developers deliberately refused to take off and land aircraft, so as not to slow down the fast enough pace of air battles.

World of Warplanes Game modes

In World of Warplanes, You have the opportunity to test your skills as pilots, with different training modes, which are exactly the same as in multiplayer. Thus, in both cases, the game modes are as follows: Training, Battle against bots, and standard battle mode. All these modes are limited to 15 minutes per battle, to favor the agility of the games.

The standard battle mode you fight in a random scenario, there are all kinds, in the desert, between mountains, in the bay of a port city with different types of missions.

In this mode, you must obtain the air supremacy or the total destruction of the enemy squad. The supremacy mode grants us points for each aircraft or ground objective destroyed by the enemy, this will activate a supremacy bar that when 100% filled by either side will win the game.

Finally, the standard mode of the enemy does not need many explanations, the objective is the total destruction of the enemy forces. In all of these multiplayer battles, up to 30 planes can fight simultaneously, 15 for each side.

The training mode offers us three game modes, solo battle, training or team training, the latter you can play together with other colleagues, forming a squad and playing against bots.

Also in the massive online mode you can create a squad that your friends can join and fight alongside them, this time yes, against dozens of real enemies. Without a doubt a very interesting game mode, if not the most, if you have many friends connected.

Fluid and eye-catching graphics

The technical section is surprisingly good, to be a free game. The variety of planes and the detail with which they are modelled is really impressive. Already from the hangar, you can admire your planes reflecting all kinds of lights on their fuselages and providing a very successful feeling of realism.

The planes have real volume and behavior, the scenarios are not far behind in the level of graphic detail, and the set borders on a lot of height. Both the coastal cities and the elements on the high seas, islands, deserts, mountains, the dynamic lighting and reflections in all the elements of the stage give great realism to the environment, even with a very real motion blur when rotating the free camera of your plane.

Perhaps the animation of your plane's demolition and subsequent crash with the ground is the least achieved of the entire game, especially since when falling on certain terrains it gives the feeling of not having a good aspect ratio scale versus the size of the mapping, but come on, nothing of importance.

Overall, you could say that the graphic level of World of Warplanes is outstanding for such a game and perfectly fulfils its mission. In addition, it is noted that the guys from Wargaming have wanted to launch World of Warplanes only in the best conditions, since in any of its graphic profiles, the game moves very smoothly and also, as a capital feature in a massively multiplayer, you have never suffered any type of lag, and the experience has been very satisfying.

The sound section also borders on high altitude, from the sounds of a hangar, to the impressive thundering of your engines and bullets in full combat. Each aircraft has its characteristic engine sound.

World of Warplanes Conclusion

World of Warplanes is a great airplane game, and not only that, but it manages to be so in an environment as difficult as that of mass multiplayer, it is clear that the extensive experience of World of Tanks has assist Wargaming to create an air combat game. His experience with massive game servers and the acquisition of the odd company specialized in this type of game has made a title like World of Warplanes scratch at a high level from the first day.

The different delays for its launch are fully justified, the result is a game that engages from minute 1 and shows its greatest magnificence in battles with up to 30 simultaneous players in the fray and without any lag. The weak point of World of Warplanes is on the one hand, the control of the mouse (better a gamepad) that in some moments is not enough to perform certain stunts.

World of Warplanes is a very fun and highly recommended game, essential for aeronautics lovers. I don't even want to think what the Wargaming universe can be when they are connected to each other, World of Tanks, World of Warships and this excellent World of Warplanes.