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World of Warships

World of Warships is a multiplayer online free-to-play of naval action game developed by Lesta Studio and published by Wargaming. It was released on November 15, 2017 for Microsoft Windows.

The game has the same aspects of World of Tanks (2010) and World of Warplanes (2013) and recreates naval battles where the player has a wide variety of warships, which perform a specific role for each situation.

World of Warships Gameplay

This game is set in the first and second world wars and is dominated by ships from the United States and Japan. There are options for Russian and England ships. But you have to buy it using a premium account and the price is relatively high. In the last update, Ships from the UK was removed from the list.

You will be given two cruisers, each from the United States and Japan. The cruiser is a small and fast warship which in my opinion has the best damage given, handling, and physical endurance. Like a typical Windows game, you can control your ship with the W, A, S, D buttons and choose your ammo type with the 1, 2, 3 buttons.

In the World of Warships, there are multiple types of battles namely Co-Op Battle, Random Battle, Introductory Mission, Training, Scenario, Ranked Battle, Clan Battle and Space Battle. In Co-Op Battle you and other players will fight a group of AI with a ship. If you have just played this game, I recommend that you should play a lot in this battle to learn more about this game. In Random Battle, you will fight other online players, matchmaking system provided by Wargaming is automatic. So you will not be able to choose a server or room like Titanfall game. The World of Warships has three game modes: Standard, Domination, and Epicenter.

The battle will start in the position of each team facing but still far ahead. Now, this is your first important decision to advance aggressively or not. Instead, you might be able to hide behind the islands scattered in the war zone. If you choose to advance aggressively you should invite a friend to go with you. Because surely you will not want to end up being beaten by enemy ships and forced to end your game quickly.

The types of ships also greatly affect your strategy and style of play. Because you will not be able to sneak using an Airplane Carrier or Battleship because the speed and handling are not as good as the Cruiser and Destroyer. Each ship also has the skill and uniqueness. Such as Destroyer which is my favorite ship because of the agility of the move and its ability to fire torpedoes quickly.

Keep in mind this game is free-to-play. Even though Wargaming still provides premium features, but don't aggravate it by spending a lot of money. You can easily become a master of this game. Because in my opinion, Wargaming managed to create this game system with well so skill is number one in this game.

In-Game Ships

Ships are divided into 4 classes: destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers.

Destroyers are relatively small, fast and easy to control vessels equipped with a minimum of weapons. They put 3-4 towers of small or medium caliber on them, and their main striking power is torpedoes. In skilled hands, they can cause huge damage and destroy even the heaviest enemy ships. The destroyers are also equipped with smoke generators. Which temporarily create a cloud of smoke, significantly reducing visibility in a certain area. Sometimes it is very useful when you need to hide from enemy fire.

Cruisers - the middle and most versatile ship, with good handling, they have decent firepower. Some units are also equipped with torpedo tubes. These ships are good in the fight against destroyers if you do not forget to dodge torpedo bursts, but they can also compete with heavier opponents - the battleships.

Battleships are real floating fortresses, huge, slow and armored ships with the best artillery weapons. Vulnerable to aircraft attacks. Avoiding anything on such a machine is extremely difficult. Therefore, battleships prefer to fight at a long distance (5-10 kilometres). A successful burst of such cannons can easily put the cruiser to the bottom, and the destroyer can be torn to pieces. Such firepower is compensated not only by the low handling of the ship but also by the extremely slow turning speed and long reloading of guns.

Aircraft carriers are something unique. Huge, battleship-sized vessels, equipped at best with a pair of guns. They are incredible to be able to defeat even a light destroyer in open battle. Carriers are more designed to provide support, like the artillery from WoT. These ships also have unique gameplay mechanics. Unlike other ships, aircraft carriers play not so much a simulator as a strategy, coordinating the actions of fighters, bombers and torpedo bombers. Their mission is to survey and cover the rest of the fleet from the air.

World of Warships Graphics

World of Warship presents a pretty impressive graphic quality. You will certainly meet with a spread of blue sea which is very realistic. The majority of islands filled with green colors from plants so that your eyes will not get tired by playing this game for a long time.

The effects given in this game are also very realistic, as you will see the ship catching fire, exploding, or even splitting into two parts in this game. Not to mention the effects of splashing water if a bomber drops a bomb near you.

Despite having stunning graphics quality, this game was not too heavy. I try to run this game on the GTX 660M which is almost 4 years old with a right stuck configuration and I don't experience any lag.

World of Warships Conclusion

As a Free-to-Play game, World of Warship deserves a thumbs up because it succeeded in making the wonderful gameplay system. And stunning graphics quality like a paid game from the most famous game developers. I highly recommend this game!