Z1 Battle Royale (Z1BR)

Z1 Battle Royale - a fast-paced shooter in the style of "Battle Royale", developed especially for the console. Play on a huge map. Look for weapons, bullets, helmets, jackets, vehicles and health kits to get the advantage in the battle and become the last survivor.

The online game Z1 Battle Royale is a mixture of the genres Battle Royale, Shooter, Action, Survival, is developed by Daybreak Game Company. this game has lots of interesting features and advantages that are entertaining to players, including PVP, open world, from the first person, from a third person, for average PCs. It should be noted that the online game Z1 Battle Royale can be downloaded for free, which means that you can start playing immediately after installation.

Z1BR Gameplay

The gameplay goes around the fighting of 100 players forced to survive after landing in a harsh, faded world, looking for a lot of loot, first-aid kits, vehicles and weapons. The players can play in a team of five, solo or in a dual team.

Only one lucky survivor or final team can win - dangerous virus gas circle shrink along the edges of the battle zone pushes toward clashes and battles, gradually reach the safe area.

Besides the amazing level of tension in the matches, players are available quite detailed customization, including a variety of coloring for weapons and lots of skins for the character.

Among the modes, you can find solo matches, also for dual and five players. For playing the matches, players receive valuable items and a rating of the season.

Players note numerous Z1 Battle Royale issues, including old graphics and bugs. But many believe that this is one of the best old-school survival games in the royal battle mode, the gameplay of which has not changed much over the past 5 years.

Where to land

In Z1BR, you will always start your games in the air. You have a parachute and you aim to land on the best loot spot.

There are not really any tricks to land faster than the others in the parachuting phase. You only have to look at the map to go down at maximum speed and try to land near a building, a tent, or any building where you are likely to find something to arm yourself to be among the first to loot. There are different spawns on Z1BR and note that no matter where on the map you are dropped, you will always find what you need to properly equip yourself in buildings. Avoid as much as possible to start your game in the middle of the road, you will have a lot of time to play in the plains and forests later in the game.

Loot first shoot later

The basic equipment that you should absolutely find in the first seconds after you land on the ground is the weapon and helmet. Without them, we will not survive much. The helmet will protect you from a bullet in the head. Consider putting two extra helmets in the bag to replace them if you have been affected.

For your protection, you will also find the bulletproof jacket, which protect your body from bullets. The jacket that you will find in the card allows you to absorb 2 bullets. As for the helmet try to have a spare jacket in your inventory to change it quickly if necessary.

In addition to the essentials you must also pick up first aid kits, Bandage, energy drinks and Med Kit. A military bag will give you more room to fill your inventory and a pair of Converse will allow you to move faster (+ 16% speed). Also, add some explosive equipment and bullets and you're ready for battle. In Z1BR, you can carry up to three weapons, in BR1 and BR2 we advise you to select two ARs and a shotgun as much as possible. You will thus have 60 rifle bullets so as not to have to reload in the middle of a fight while being able to go at any time on the shotgun in a close fight.

First aid training

To survive, you will have to learn to treat yourself properly. You have a health bar at the bottom of your screen that will not go up automatically over time. During fights, if you are hit, the edges of your screen will turn red and arrows to the left of your health bar will indicate more or less heavy bleeding which will endanger your life as you leave blood on your way. Three items can help you get out of sticky situations rather: Bandage, energy drinks, the first aid kits, and Med Kit.

The gas circle shrink

The Z1 Battle Royale game map is very large, to make bloody combat and energize the games, a gas gradually reduces the combat area to force players to meet and kill each other. If you see green smoke, no need to go in his direction, you will die.

Z1BR Skin Gambling

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