Idle-Empire Review

Nowadays there are plenty of CSGO skin gambling sites on the web that require you to wager your money or skins and have a chance of winning something. Perhaps you are just tired of the risk or just bored of betting and want to get your hands on prestigious skins by sitting back and filling out surveys or by watching advertisements then Idle-Empire is the perfect place for you. No this is not a scam, this is one of the best services to win big at the moment to win big.

Idle-Empire is one of the best sites that has something for everyone. As soon as you enter the URL, you see a very well designed homepage where you will see all the features. In this article, we will have a comprehensive look at and see what benefits it has to offer.

What is Idle-Empire?

Idle-Empire is a unique platform that offers a huge variety of activities that you can do to earn coins. These coins can be redeemed for various rewards, which include gift cards, vouchers games, cryptocurrencies and most importantly CSGO skins. It is fair to say that the site has something for everyone. There are plenty of options to get your hands on coins, which include surveys, offer walls, watching videos and much more.

What is the worth of Idle-Empire Coins?

At the time of this writing, 10,000 coins are equal to $1. These coins can be used to get skins from some of the best platforms on the web including LootBear, Bitskins, SWAP.GG, Skinbaron, CS.DEALS and CSGOShop.

How can I earn coins to get CSGO Skins?

The first option that you will come across on Idle-Empire is filling out a survey and it is one of the easiest ways to earn coins. There are a large number of surveys ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. They are highly rewarding since the majority of them are simple and won’t take much time to complete. Users have reported that they were able to earn up to $5 an hour by completing them which is a very decent amount since you won’t be doing any hard work.

We highly recommend you to start the surveys by filling on the “Profilers” questionnaire. Since Idle-Empire uses it to provide survey opportunities that are relevant to your knowledge.

Completing Offers and Tasks

Most of the tasks on Idle-Empire require users to complete tutorials of games. They might also ask you to participate in quizzes and install some mobile apps. It is a decent way to earn coins, but some users have reported that these offers are a hit or miss. This means that the platform sometimes fails to acknowledge the completed task. If you are amongst the few who don’t get the recognition then we recommend using other services.

Watching Videos

We believe that Idle-Empire and have a partnership. Since the platform allows users to earn coins by watching advertisements. Idle-Empire directs the members to Hideout and after making an account the user starts earning points.

For every 3 advertisements, you watch, you will earn 9 hideout points. These points can be exchanged for 80 coins on Idle-Empire.

You can watch any type of advertisement you want since the site offers multiple categories to keep the users interested. You should keep in mind that if you are not interested in hearing the sound on the videos, then you can always mute them. But if you try to change the tab or minimize the window then the advertisement will stop playing.

Bitcoin Mining

One of the best and stand out features of the platform is Idle-Empire’s mining. Its software competes with some of the great names on the web such as CryptoTab and HoneyMiner. It is also easy on the hardware since many users report that it doesn't slow down their machine. The amount you get is highly dependent on your PC set up.


Referrals have become one of the best methods to earn a lot of money and Idle-Empire is well aware of it. Since the platform offers a lifetime commission which is an exceptional way to attract Youtubers, which in turn brings their followers to the site. It is the best method of earning passive income since you will get a huge 20% commission!

Is Idle-Empire legit?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the platform. And users have every right to ask since it is hard to believe that a site is offering so many benefits without taking a single penny for the users. After going through thousands of reviews, it is safe to say that Idle-Empire is 100% legit. The site has been in business since 2015 and many users have reported that they have earned up to $100. Meanwhile, CSGO lovers have got their hands on StatTrak skins. The withdrawals on the site are fast and smooth which is a big plus point. The site also has a leaderboard tab which shows all the top earners on the platform.

Idle-Empire Support

Unfortunately, there is no FAQ and the platform also doesn’t have a dedicated support section on the site. Nonetheless, you can contact them through their social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Steam, Discord, and Twitter. All of the pages are quite active and you can easily reach out to the representative of the site through these channels.

Idle-Empire Withdrawals

The platform is well aware of the fact that it attracts users from all over the world and it has done a great job in providing the best benefits to all of them. Aside from the earlier mentioned skin's method, the members have 45+ options to withdraw. This also includes PayPal and Bitcoin.

Earn CSGO Skins – Conclusion

Idle-Empire surely stands out as one of the best platforms to earn CSGO Skins by completing simple tasks. You can also use the coins to get items, for Fortnite, Dota 2, TF2 & more. You have tons of ways to win as many skins as you want. It is surely better and different compared to betting platforms. Since at Idle-Empire you won’t be spending a single dime from your pocket. Instead, you will get paid to complete simple tasks.

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