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Are you interested in taking up H1Z1 Gambling? then you are in the right place. We will provide you all the information you need on how to know the best odds. Since H1Z1 is somewhat new to the betting world, there is not much variety of gambling options to choose from, some of them are.

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H1Z1 Betting Markets

Match Winner - Here you gamble on a particular team that you believe will win a match in the H1Z1 Pro League split.

Split Winner - Here you pick the then that will earn most points in the split or a season.

More About H1Z1 Game

Are you eager to learn more about H1Z1? We are here to provide all the comprehensive information. We will tell you about the general gameplay, variety of maps in the competitive play and different tournaments that take place throughout the year.

H1Z1 Teams

150 players can compete in a single map of H1Z1. In competitions, the number of players might shift between 70 to 100 depending on the regulations. Teams have multiple options when it comes to picking gameplay modes and tactics:

  • Solo mode - In this mode, every man is playing for himself. Players have to set their own rules and need to have a comprehensive awareness of the surroundings.
  • 2-Player mode - A team consists of two players and plays against other duo teams.
  • 5-Player mode - Here a single team consists of five players in a fight for ultimate glory.

H1Z1 Gameplay

After the outbreak of a zombie plague, you fight for survival in H1Z1. Cities, mountains and areas must be searched to find food, raw materials and, at best, weapons.

If you meet other survivors, you can make them an enemy, or make contact with them and build common fortifications and settlements. You can communicate directly via the built-in voice chat and some emotes. Basically, it is a free to play title that falls into the Battle Royale genre. Its survival mode consists of players eliminating others and winning the map. Each map kicks off with each player dropping on the map with a parachute onto a random place. The game involves coming up with a winning strategy to be the last man or team standing. The main concept is to decide when you should hunt for players and resources and when to just sit back and let other players do the work for you.

Players can eliminate their opponents using weapons and will discover plenty of items and supplies as they explore the map. The items include a decent variety of weapons that boost your chances of victory. Other supplies are vehicles that help to cross the map easily and also first aid kit to heal yourself. The fundamental purpose of the game is to take on as many opponents as you can to ensure victory. The winning person or team is the one that is the last one standing. In some competitions, the winner is decided based on best of three or best of five format.

In the professional league of H1Z1, there is a point scoring system, which is based on the ranking of the team in a match multiplied by the number of kills made. This ensures that every team is active and no one just hides around until the map is over.

H1Z1 Maps

The in-game maps portray the environments of different war zones and each comes with its own specific set of challenges. Each map has a totally different style of play. The only common feature in all these is that as time passes, a toxic cloud takes over the map which reduces the area of play. It boosts player confrontations and brings more action to the game. So that the people, as well as the players, get some fun out of this strategic battle royale.

H1Z1 Tournaments

An extensive variety of H1Z1 competitions take place throughout the year. Each consists of teams and players of different ranks situated in different parts of the globe. Let’s have a look at some of the big ones.


This tournament is held once a year. The 2017 edition of the competition hosted a $500,000 prize pool. It also had an All-Star event that had 75 well-distinguished players from across the globe.

Elite Series

In this format, the best 60 players in H1Z1 compete for supremacy and a $100,000 prize pool. The amount is awarded based on the player's standings in three rounds. It boasts high-quality gaming and is amongst the most prestigious tournaments in the sports.


Each region— Australia, Asia-Pacific, North America, South America, Europe hosts 75 candidates to compete in the H1Z1 showdown. The overall winner is determined after three rounds of matches and in the last round, only ten players compete for the ultimate glory.

Pro League

The first official tournament of the H1Z1 is the Pro league. The league is held in Las Vegas where 15 teams of 75 top tier professional gamers compete each week in front of their fans. Only one team is crowned the winner which is decided by the highest points accumulated over the entire season.

Gamble on H1Z1

Are you ready to gamble on H1Z1? We advise you to dedicate some time to get familiar with the tile and the professional teams that have won the most titles and then head to some well-reputed skin gambling platforms. The competitive landscape of the title is still emerging, so it will be good for you to bet as early as you can since bookmakers have limited knowledge of the odds, which can work highly in your favor.