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When Canadian players are looking for an online casino to play at, they may come across LeoVegas as a possibility. Looking at their variation in ratings may throw people off, seeing as they aren’t as highly rated as other well known Canadian casinos on some sites, and others they’re adored. LeoVegas has its ups and downs, it’s important for every player to keep in mind that they have their own desires for a casino site, and while LeoVegas may not be for them, it may work out for others.

First becoming open to the public in 2012, LeoVegas is considered one of the world’s premier online casinos. Unlike some other online casinos, LeoVegas has a rather functional mobile option for players who wish to use mobile rather than a computer. The site also offers welcome bonuses to new players, so people like to take advantage of their offers.

Since opening in 2012, LeoVegas has either had fans who absolutely love their casino, or hate it. Players will be able to find sites where people praise the company, giving it a near 10/10 stars, or they’ll find sites where it has ratings as low as 6 stars. It seems to really be a love it or hate it casino, so players should decide whether or not LeoVegas is right for them.

LeoVegas Casino Games

The games offered at LeoVegas are plentiful. In just slots alone, there’s over 700 different games to choose from. Powered by nine different platforms, Netent, Microgaming, IGT, Bally, BluePrint, Nextgen, Evolution gaming, Red Tigar Gaming, Play'n Go, Yggdrasil gaming, and Quickspin, players can find games that they love from many different platforms. It’s easy to find a fan favorite game, or try out a new game and see what it’s like.

If slots aren’t for the player though, there’s many other options that they can try out. There’s a huge amount of virtual table games to choose from as well. With twelve different blackjack variations, eight different roulette variants, red dog, Punto Banco baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Oasis Poker, and TXS Hold'em Professional, players will discover that there’s more than just a number of slot machines on LeoVegas.

There also happens to be a video poker selection as well. Unfortunately it’s only limited to NetEnt, but there’s still a number of variants to choose from here. The video poker selection is something that LeoVegas could improve on, but the fact that they still have it in their casino at all is a great feature.

LeoVegas is one of the largest live casinos on the internet. There’s so many different options and game types to choose from when playing at a live casino. With blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, it’s a real immersive experience. There’s also Three Card Poker and Casino Hold’em to be enjoyed as well with the other games. LeoVegas definitely lives up to the reputation of being one of the best live casinos.

There’s a great selection of games available at LeoVegas, all players have to do is decide exactly what they want to play. The atmosphere on the site is awesome to have, creating a casino like feel that players won’t want to leave. The games are fun to play and the live games are equally as fun if not more because of how immersive they are.

LeoVegas Casino Mobile

LeoVegas is actually rather mobile friendly. Most online casino sites aren’t very popular on mobile, either because they don’t run smoothly enough, there’s not enough games, or they just aren’t as easy to use as a casino would be on a computer. LeoVegas is different than most though, as the casino itself was actually designed with mobile users in mind.

If someone is playing on their phone or tablet, they can be able to enjoy the LeoVegas experience the same way that they’d be able to enjoy it on their computer. While the mobile version of LeoVegas doesn’t have a huge game selection like most online casinos, it’s still more functional than that of other casinos.

LeoVegas Casino Customer Care

The customer care at LeoVegas casino is outstanding. Like most online casinos nowadays, they also have a 24/7 live chat that players can access if they need any questions answered or issues resolved. If a live chat isn’t exactly for some players though, LeoVegas also offers a phone service where players can call in. In addition to that, players can also email the casino to receive a response there instead. A response can usually be obtained in about an hour or two.

Leaving a review on sites can also gain a response from customer service representatives. Negative reviews are typically responded to possible solutions to issues, or possible ways to fix whatever a players issue might have been.

Privacy and Fairness

As most online casinos, LeoVegas protects their players information by an SSL encryption. Player security and privacy is a must at this casino, and they make it a priority to protect them. The SSL encryption technology makes it impossible for people online trying to hack into their systems to read any information. The way that SSL encryption works is by translating players’ data to unreadable text strands that cannot be read.

The platforms offered at LeoVegas have all been audited, and they all come up demonstrating fairness. Random number generators are used on these platforms, ensuring fairness in each of their available games.

LeoVegas Casino Withdrawal Methods

Where most online casinos fall short, LeoVegas isn’t too bad with the amount of withdrawal methods that they have. Some online casinos tend to have just a small handful of options to choose from, while LeoVegas has just a bit more. They have a total of seven different withdrawal methods, making it easier for players to have a choice of where they’d like their money to be withdrawn to. There’s also nine different options for depositing money as well, making sure that players can take out and put in money with ease.

LeoVegas Casino Rating

As said before, LeoVegas casino has a rather skewed rating online. Some sites report it being near ten stars, others report it to be as low as six. It’s hard to tell exactly what they’re rated as online by players. A reason that the rating is so low could be the fact that LeoVegas is restricted from operating in many different countries. Considering they’re such a huge casino, they should be able to be operating in more countries according to some reviews. Aside from this though, a lot of players report enjoying their experience thoroughly on LeoVegas, even reporting that it’s their favorite online casino site.

LeoVegas Overall Review

LeoVegas has an awesome selection of games for players to choose from. Slots, table games, live games, and much more make it a casino that Canadian players can enjoy from a day to day basis. What’s also important about LeoVegas is the great mobile experience they have. This is a feature that does make them stand out from other casinos.

Things LeoVegas could improve on are the countries that they’re available in, but for Canadians this isn’t an issue at all. LeoVegas could also consider adding a few more game modes, though what they already have is great for anyone looking to have a full experience at an online casino. Thankfully, LeoVegas has a great customer service department with staff that cares about the players and their well being on the site.

Overall, player can have a fun experience at LeoVegas’ online casino. With games from all around and great payout rates, added with a great bonus, many people find LeoVegas their favorite casino site.

LeoVegas may be a great choice for Canadian players. Looking more in depth to a casino is crucial to finding out whether or not that casino is right for them. LeoVegas is definitely up there on the list of casinos available to Canadians, so it’s best to check it out to see if it’s the right one for someone.

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