Casino Cashback Bonuses

Welcome cashback bonus has established itself as an alternative to the deposit bonus in online casinos - especially with new providers. The Cashback Bonus is a money-back guarantee: If you lose your deposit, part of the losses will be reimbursed. The advantage of cashback is that the bonus terms are easier to understand. This means that there are fewer misunderstandings.

Cashback takes many forms. In the following, we will tell you how cashback offers can be structured. You will also find out which bonus conditions apply.

If a streak of bad luck goes on for too long, the cash register in the online casino will show a zero at some point. Not so in the Cashback Casino: There the provider compensates part of the losses. So bad luck hurts less. Some casino sites have switched to wagering on cashback for the welcome bonus.

What is casino cashback bonus?

Cashback means "money back". Cashback is a refund that the online casino grants in the event of high losses. Conversely, this also means: If you only win, you will not receive any cashback.

It goes without saying that you cannot hope for 100% cashback in any online casino. However, 10 to 50% can be expected for the welcome cashback. In principle, with Cashback you have the opportunity to limit losses.

What you do with the cashback credit is up to you. You can withdraw the money to save at least part of the deposit. Or you take a trip to the live casino - striving to end the session with a profit.

Cashback bonus types

When it comes to bonuses, casino sites like to get inventive. This is no different with cashback. Since there are plenty of types out there.

Online casino cashback bonus for new players

The new customer cashback is usually the most generous. You can secure up to 50% of the deposit in this way. Unlike welcome bonuses, you often benefit from the fact that there are no wagering requirements. You also have a free choice of games. Because: How you lose the deposit does not matter to the casino provider. The only condition is that you lose. Alternatively, you are free to win - but then there is no cashback.

If you are allowed to choose between a deposit bonus, free spins and cashback on a casino site, you usually have to make a decision. If you commit to a bonus offer, the other two welcome bonuses expire.

Cashback promotions

Every now and then casino providers offer cashback promotions. The operator decides how long the promotion is available. Perhaps the cashback will only be available for a single day - or for a month. In any case, actions like this are time-limited. You should therefore visit us regularly. We'll keep you updated on the best promotions in online casinos.

VIP cashback bonus

Online casinos that otherwise refrain from cashback offers often offer at least VIP cashback. Those who play hard on the site accumulate cashback through the loyalty program. The VIP programs often work with a level system. The more activity you show, the further you advance in the level. With each new level you unlock discounts: free spins or higher withdrawal limits. Better payment methods for cashback are also conceivable.

Usually the VIP cashback is far less generous than the welcome offers in the cashback casinos. Still, it's a nice bonus from the casino sites.

Live casino cashback bonus

Live dealer casino games are often excluded from bonus offers. Or at least severely punished. In blackjack, only 5% of the stakes contribute to the turnover target. What makes blackjack extremely unattractive with the bonus activated. Live Casino Cashback is one of the fairest bonuses to be expected in Live Dealer Roulette or Baccarat. If you miss the table games against the live croupier, the provider pays for part of the losses suffered.

Cashback bonus conditions

Unlike most casino bonuses, there are hardly any wagering requirements for cashback. Either the provider does not specify a rollover at all. In that case, cashback credit can be paid out immediately. Or the sales hurdles can easily be skipped. In principle, it is fairer when it comes to sales than with the deposit bonus, which sometimes imposes sporting sales targets on the players.

Probably the most important are the conditions of when cashback is paid. With Welcome Cashback, you don't have an infinite amount of time to lose your deposit. Only players who, for example, suffered losses within the first week will receive cashback. Whoever loses afterwards has to live with the bad luck. With VIP Cashback bonus, there is seldom a time limit.

How to find the best cashback bonus?

Find out what to expect from a cashback bonus. If you spend most of your time at the Live Casino, you should also request Live Casino Cashback. You often benefit from better conditions, compared to conventional cashback offers.

Check out the bonus terms and conditions. Cashback promotions differ drastically from one another. Sometimes the casino provider waives wagering requirements, sometimes the cashback is treated like bonus credits. If you know the terms and conditions, you also know whether the offer is something for you.

Cashback offers thus offer a win-win situation for the casino and the player. The player is lucky enough to get some of his lost money back so that he has more money to play with. In principle, this bonus gives him additional credit and thus more opportunities to still win and in the end perhaps to come out of the thing with a profit. Plus, after losing it, you don't feel too bad because you know that you will see part of the money again.

On the other hand, the casino benefits because it knows that the player will return one more time and not play at another casino the next time. This leads to stronger customer loyalty, which the casino also costs a little. Through the set time frame, the casino ensures that the player will definitely continue to play for this period and may be willing to take a higher risk, as it is certain that part of the money will come back.

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