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Casino Free Spins No Deposit

Free Spins are one of the types of bonuses offered by casinos to players both new and old. Free spins simply offer players the chance to play a slot game without having to first put down any money. This allows players, particularly new ones, to experience the game at no loss to them. It can allow players to check out and evaluate different casinos without needing to be tied down to one.

No Deposit Free Spins

Welcome offers of free spins tend to be split up into smaller amounts that are offered on a daily basis, usually between ten and twenty per day up until the full amount awarded as part of the package. Most of the time these free spins are allocated to one slot only, usually Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest, but occasionally the game they can be used on will change on a day-by-day basis. Any games that are played using the free spin option will be played at the minimum bet level, which will still win the player some money, although it will only be a small amount. However, lucky players can win big and make a decent amount from playing with free spins alone. These free winnings can also be used to play on within the casino and, once acquired, can be used on other slot games, allowing players a further chance to explore the casino offerings at no charge to themselves.

Deposit Free Spins

Some free spins are offered through a deposit method. Again, the free spins will be specific to a particular slot game, and the amount of free spins offered will vary depending on the deposit amount. Usually a casino will set this type of free spin so that players depositing 10.00 will receive 10 spins; 20.00 will receive 30, and so on up to a maximum. Other offers will simply require a deposit before a certain time in order to cash in on the free spins. At other times, the free spins will be awarded alongside a match deposit bonus. These free spins are usually offered at 100 free spins, but as with the no deposit, free spins are usually separated into smaller amounts awarded on a daily basis, thus encouraging the player to keep returning to the site.

Loyalty or VIP Free Spins

Free spins aren’t just for newcomers to the site; older players can also receive them. This usually comes when there is a campaign or a new game is released on the casino site. The latter option is done to promote the game and encourage players to play it. These campaigns and offers will differ among casinos, so it is important to check through what each casino offers and find a preferred set of options. Good casinos will also change these offers regularly, with different spin numbers on different games. Offers can be made daily or weekly, when a deposit is made, new games launched, as birthday gifts, a Casino Christmas calendar, or simply as a result of being a loyal customer and enrolled in one such program.

Wagering Requirements

Whilst free spins can be a good way to experience the casino and potentially win some money, they do come with wagering requirements. These will vary among casinos, but these wagering requirements must be fulfilled, otherwise the player risks losing both their free spins and any money made using them. Most casinos do this, as it is simply a way for them to make some money after giving away these free spins. Wagering requirements simply means that any money won from a free spin has to be played through a certain number of times. This can range from as low as 5x to as much as 55 times the bonus sum. For example, if a player wins 5.00 on a slot and the wagering requirement is 30x, then the player has to bet that 5.00 thirty times on a game. Usually slots are the only games that fulfil this requirement, and other games will not count towards this, so players need to check which games are worth playing on. Whilst wagering requirements can be seen as high, slots have a good return to player rate, so it is perfectly possible to play through the winnings and come out on top.

Free Spins with no Wagering Requirements

Very occasionally there are casinos that will offer free spins with no wagering requirements attached. These are a complete gift, as they also tend to come with no deposit required. The player simply needs to create an account. They are usually offered by casinos with proprietary software, so the games will be smaller ones, and not the popular slots that most players wish to play. They are also quite often found on the mobile casino sites and tend to offer between 10 and 50 spins at one time. In addition, the spins are used with the minimum wager in place, and payouts tend to be quite small as a result. However the draw of being able to remove instantly any winnings with no need to play them through is still a big one.

Time Limits on Free Spins

As well as the wagering requirements, players need to pay attention to see whether the free spins have a limited timeframe of use. Sometimes these are not too strict, but it is helpful to be aware of them. Some casinos will spread the free spins out over a period of days or weeks, dividing the large number offered into smaller portions. Others will only offer the free spins for a certain length of time before the offer is removed. In some cases, they are valid for only a day; others offer them for a few days. These free spins also tend to have a time limit to claim bonus money. Usually the wagering requirements must be fulfilled within a month or the bonus money will also be forfeited.

Creating multiple accounts for Free Spins

With the excellent free spins bonus on offer, it can be tempting to create multiple accounts in order to make use of this. However, this is illegal, and all accounts can be closed with all monies forfeited if the casino finds out that this is what is going on. The way to play multiple sets of free spins is simply to sign up to different casinos all offering free spins as a welcome bonus. It is perfectly acceptable to have multiple accounts in different casinos, just not multiple accounts in one casino.

Players are always on the lookout for the best offers. It is worth constantly checking new casinos, as they will give the highest bonuses in an attempt to draw customers away from well-established casinos. It should be noted that players ought to check that the casino is a reputable one before jumping in, but as the player isn’t necessarily intending to deposit their own money but rather to make use of the free offers, this isn’t as important as it would in other cases. The best options in free spins are the offers that have no wagering requirements, though the games that are available do not pay out as well. In other casinos with wagering requirements, the games will pay out at a higher rate and can actually bring in some big wins. Through persistence, the wagering requirements are generally not that hard to meet, which means that there is potential for players to make money using the free spins only and to play on with the winnings.