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When it comes to real money casinos, the Norwegian people have many exciting choices. If you are interested in different casino bonuses, payment methods that work, or a casino that can be trusted, then you have come to the right place. At CSGOMeister you can watch many different gambling games online. We have covered plenty of platforms on our site and today we will discuss how Norway gambling works.

It can be difficult to choose when it comes to choosing online gambling. We can promise that you can trust us when it comes to Norwegian online gambling. Whether you are looking for the best deposit bonus or 100% free bonus money. We cover everything.

Online gambling popularity in Norway

Gambling in Norway is becoming increasingly popular. When we check the figure from 2020, we can see that 67 percent of Norwegian men and 60 percent of women participate in gambling. In 2019 alone, turnover was NOK 46.5 billion. These figures then only apply to the regulated market! The unregulated market is considered a bit smaller, but there are no official figures in this market. We will now take a look at some of the popular money games:

Slot machines

The slot machine is a Norwegian favorite. Here you get a fantastic sound with lots of exciting symbols. Amazing graphics and themes. It is also an easy way to dream of getting rich. Opportunities for progressive slots are becoming an increasing favorite.

Card games

Here is the classic real money game going on. The only difference is that you play it on the screen. Here are some of the card games you can try:

  • Blackjack – A real money casino game and one of the most popular. Here you just have to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible.
  • Poker – is the most popular card game in the world. Here the player sits with completely or partially hidden cards where they make bets in a central pot. To win, you must have the best combination of cards or by the player giving in by believing that you have a better combination of cards.

Of course, there are even more card games you can try, such as baccarat or Pai Gow Poker.

Live Casino Games

A live casino game or live dealer game that calls it classic casino games such as roulette or blackjack with a human element. Here you have a human dealer without going to a land-based casino. What happens here is that you see a real dealer that is live-streamed to your browser where it gives you an interactive gaming experience.


Here you see one of the favorites of Norwegians. Keno is a fixed-odds lottery game. An x-number of main numbers is usually subtracted from the total x-number of numbers. These draws can then be different thanks to many combinations. If you get enough numbers, you will be able to win a prize. Keno is a Norwegian gambling favorite among Norwegians.

Virtual Sport

Virtual sport is, as the saying goes, something virtual. Here you can bet on two computers playing against each other in a virtual sport. This virtual sport can then be football or any sport. Some may then be a little more creative to create their form of sport. You can then bet on your favorite virtual team or in fact on almost anything.

Norwegian Bookmakers

A bookmaker is a professional who mediates bets. This can then be via horse racing, football, and boxing. It can be almost anything. It can even be something virtual. Or who wins a presidential candidate. Here, the bookmaker accepts bets and pays out winnings on the results and any odds value.

Most Norwegian online casinos have a demo version of most games. Whether you are a new player or an old player. Especially when it comes to slot machines. This means that you can practice on the slot machines and test which game you want to enjoy. Live casino usually does not offer this

So there is much more than this, but we have taken a look at a few of the popular games that Norwegians like. Norwegian gambling will then always be popular and it is becoming increasingly popular. If you follow us, you will see that the best online gambling has many criteria we check out.

Make wise gambling choices

For the Norwegian people, there are several criteria we look at when it comes to choosing online gambling. We look at how gambling works at the casino, how the customer service is, and whether they offer help in Norwegian. Let's look at the cell phone. The mobile phone is a device that is increasingly used by Norwegians every single year. We set strict criteria that gambling on the mobile should be without power, i.e. it should be easy to use just like the PC. So what we see on the phone is whether it uses HTML-5 and has a dynamic display experience, that is, the screen adapts to the size of the screen of the player. We also check if the mobile has an app and how good it is concerning the browser.

The second is security and justice. Have these games been tested by eCOGRa ? The outcome must therefore not be affected by an employee. The data being processed must also be secured so that it does not leak.

Last but not least is the customer service. We would like the customer service to be in Norwegian. Even though Norwegians are quite good at English, not many people know English. It is important that Norwegians feel safe when they play gambling. Good use of the Norwegian language helps with trust in Norwegians. Of course, we also want fast customer service that is easily accessible. The faster and more accessible the better it becomes for our criteria.

Norwegian online casino bonuses

Norwegian Online Casinos often use bonuses as a lure to get more users. There is an incredible number of variations of bonuses that entice the Norwegian people every single day. How do you choose a bonus and what are the different bonuses?

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus or a deposit bonus is the most common bonus you will find today in Norwegian casinos online. This is a bonus that is given when someone deposits real money into the casino. How much you get depends on the casino and will vary from casino to casino. The most common is 100% up to a certain amount. For example, a 100% deposit bonus up to NOK 3,000. If you deposit NOK 5,000, you will receive NOK 3,000 in your account. This means that you can play for 8,000 kroner. If the bonus is favorable, one comes to the rule around it and the terms.

Welcome bonus

Welcome Bonus is a casino bonus reserved for new users of an online casino no. This is a bonus that you only get once. The welcome bonus comes in many different forms. As a rule, you will find 100% up to something or 120% up to a given amount. You also get several free spins that you can usually use on different slot machines.

Bonus without deposit

This is a bonus without requiring a single deposit. As a rule, you have received a code that you can use so that you can get a bonus. Otherwise, it can be rewarded to loyal players. These bonuses are usually not high, but enough to test a few games. Some online casino games offer this.

Free spins

Free spins are exactly as they say. The player is given a given number of games, normally for a slot machine. Usually, you get free spins as an extra when it comes to other types of bonuses. Sometimes they are automatically added to the account.

Regardless, you should always check the requirement when it comes to casino bonuses. Norwegian online casinos not only give you bonuses for being kind. There are usually several requirements for the bonuses and these requirements you should read carefully. There will always be different variations to variations.

Payment methods for online Norwegian casinos

We place a very strong emphasis on payment solutions when it comes to foreign casinos. This is very important for Norwegian players since bank transfer is no longer possible. Norwegian authorities have said that the bank must block transactions when it comes to gambling. So playing online has become a bit difficult. What we then notice most about online casinos is whether they use Norwegian kroner as currency.

Do Norwegian consumers give access to e-wallets, do they accept cryptocurrency? What about debit and credit cards? We carefully check through different and popular e-wallets such as Skrill or prepaid cards such as PaySafeCard. Soon, Norway will probably try to block these e-wallets as well. It is therefore important that these casinos can react quickly to give Norwegians more choices when it comes to depositing methods and withdrawal methods. We also see if your personal information is protected when it comes to Norway Casinos online. This means that we check whether the site uses SSL encryption or whether there has been a breach of information on the website.

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