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Rust is a popular survival title developed by Facepunch Studios in 2018. The game was developed as a rival to another title of the same genre, DayZ. The goal of Rust is to fight for your life in the wild, with the help of the items you find on the map. You need to take care of your health, thirst, and hunger while also dealing with wolves, bears and other players.

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Rust skin gambling

The concept of Rust gambling emerged after the arrival of tradeable items called Skins. These skins are used for multiple purposes. They are traded by players from all over the world and are also used as a currency on online platforms. In 2020 Rust gambling has seen a popular rise, since it is commonly used in skin gambling sites. It goes toe-to-toe with some of the best bettings skins like CSGO, Z1BR and Dota2, as Rust skins are available worldwide and can be used for instant transfers.

Rust Gambling sites appeared right after the release of the game since the gaming community simply loved it. The betting platforms allow you to gamble by simply depositing your skins from the Rust game. You can wager directly on Jackpot and Coinflip sections or you can exchange them for chips and use them as your bankroll to play other games. Once you are satisfied with your winnings, you can directly cash out or visit the Rust gambling site’s skin market to make the trade and get more profits.

Rust Casino Games

The most reliable and secure Rust gambling sites offer an extensive variety of games where you can stake your skins to win new ones. We highly recommend you to check the reviews of each game before wagering. Since it is always better to be safe than sorry.

A decent variety of games are available on Rust gambling sites lets have a look at some popular ones:

Rust Coinflip

Coinflip is a popular format in the Rust gambling world. Here you bet against other players. The players deposit their items at the start, and a room is created with the skins the player wants to stake. You will be matched only by the player that has the same value of skins as you. After the skin has been decided, the players select a side of the virtual coin and after flipping the winning side gets all the skins. Depending on the platform, there is usually a 50-50 chance of winning and the house will take 5% from the winnings.

Rust Jackpot

One of the best games on Rust Gambling sites is the Jackpot. Here how it goes: After depositing skins on the platform the players put the skins in the pot. The winning chances in the Rust Jackpot are calculated by the value of the skins you have put in. As an example, if your skins are worth 40% in the pot then your probability of victory is also 40%. The site randomly reveals the winner a few seconds after the pot is full. The winner will get all the skins in the pot and will give a 5% fee to the platform. The trend of jackpots was started by CSGO gambling sites, but have become immensely popular in Rust gambling. We will highly recommend you to gamble your skin in the Jackpots since the player already knows his/her chances of victory.

Rust Roulette

Rust roulette, whether free or skin in online casinos, is played just like real roulette in stationary casinos or live roulette. The rules remain the same. The distinctive element about the game that each player can determine his/her own bet. This is precisely why roulette has so many fans because you can easily decide how much you have in your pocket according to your own bankroll.

The rules are very simple: you bet on which field or fields the ball could land on. There are different combinations that you can bet on and various strategies that you can use to bet which vary from platform to platform. Rust roulette is one of the most popular games in the online casino world, but it is even easier to learn and offer so many skins.

Rust Upgrade

This gambling format is new to the industry. The main objective of the Rust Upgrade is to change your skin to a more rare one. When you put your skin up for gambling, you will have the option to choose a multiplier (x20,x10,x5,x2). You should know that the higher multiplier you pick the less chance you have of getting a skin upgrade. Lastly, if your skin fails to win an upgrade then you will lose it.

Rust Crash

After signing up on a site and making a deposit, you have to wager your Rust skins before the round starts. As the round kickoff, the multiplier will start to go up and down. It can go up to x50 but can crash to 0 at any time. In the Rust Crash, the player will have to cash out before the game crashes. If the game crashes first then you will lose your skins. This trend also started with CSGO but in 2020 has become an essential format in the world of Rust Gambling.

Rust Gambling Wheel

It is a game based on a popular 'Wheel of Fortune'. All you have to do is pick a color, which also indicates a multiplier (2x, 5x, 20x and so on) and spin the wheel. If you are lucky, your skins will be multiplied by the multiplier indicated on the chosen color. If not, then you will lose it all. The Rust Gambling Wheel was originally presented in the game itself, in the Rust gambling bandit camp, where you could play it together with other players. This is probably the best way to gamble in Rust (and maybe the only one). From there it has been implemented by the Rust websites.

This brings an end to our article and we hope that we have covered all the details to get you familiarized with Rust Gambling.