RustChance Review

One of the best and most popular Rust betting platforms is RustChance. The site has established a solid reputation for providing the best and most efficient Rust betting services. RustChance has an extensive variety of games on its portfolio it offers Jackpot, Crash, CoinFlip, and LandMines. The design of the platform is very simple and easy to use. The user will have access to every single feature of the site on the homepage. The platform even has a community chat where the members of RustChance can talk to each other. Before we jump into this review, we should tell you that all the games on the site require the users to sign up using their Steam profile and link the URL in order to make deposits via skins. Some games might require you to convert your skins for RustChance tokens.

RustChance Crash

One of the most popular games in the betting world is Crash. Since it comes with high risk and high rewards, which is a great adrenaline rush for the experienced bettors. To play it, you will have to convert your skins to RustChance tokens. Once you do that, you can start making bets. At first, there is a wagering time period on the platform which is around 15 to 20 seconds.

After you place your bet and a line will rise up diagonally and you will see a multiplier go high. When you reach the number you wanted you should withdraw from the game instantly. However, if you don’t click on withdraw quickly, the multiplier might “crash” and stop which will cause you to lose your wager.

If a player manages to withdraw on time, then the bet will be multiplied by the number you withdrew on. It is quite simple to play and to win big all you have to do is be as less greedy as possible, concentrate on winning small and play as many games as you like.

RustChance Jackpot

One of the best and most popular games on RustChance is the Jackpot. You can choose between two pots: Low Ballers and High Rollers. The only difference between the two is that High Rollers demand more money to start compared to the Low Ballers. This is a great move by RustChance since it allows everyone to get in on betting regardless of the amount they want to wager.

On RustChance, a round of Jackpot starts after 1 minute and 30 seconds, during this time players can deposit Rust skins in the pot. The higher the value of the skins deposited in the pot, the higher are the chances of winning. Each player has a band the length of which depends on the skin value. The band where the pointer stops is the winner and he/she takes the entire pot.

RustChance Coin Flip

Another fun title on RustChance is Coin Flip, which is one of the easiest and quickest means of making a big profit. To start playing, you will have to click on the option “ Create a Coin Flip” and then pick out skins you want to bet on, then the platform will match you with a player that has somewhat the same value of skins that you have. Both players will pick out a side and then a coin toss will take place and the winner is decided by the color it lands on.

RustChance Roulette

You can either wager on Red, Blue or Golden coins. There are a total of fifteen coins, with seven being Red, seven being Blue, and only one being Golden. You will get 2x your bet if you land on either Red or Blue and win 14x your money if you hit Golden. RustChance Roulette is extremely fun and addictive and the animation in the game adds to the excitement. The platform gets a big thumbs up in the games department!

Provably Fair

All the games on the platform work under the provably fair system. You can check out the history of every single game played on the site. This is great to see since it just shows the good faith and legitimacy of RustChance since it wants to keep transparency between its users.

RustChance Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best features of the platform is the variety of bonuses it offers. The site offers bonus codes, promotions, and giveaways which can be used by clicking on the “Redeem Code” option and entering the code. Another fascinating bonus feature is that each member on the platform is assigned a level that increases with the number of games you play on the site. Each level has a bonus which can be claimed easily. This is a great way to reward the members for the time effort they put on RustChance.

RustChance Support

The support system of the platform is great. The site has an FAQ that provides comprehensive information on all the general questions. If you still have queries then you can contact customer support which works on a ticket system. Members have reported that the staff is quick to reply and offer good solutions.

RustChance Deposit and Withdrawal

As mentioned earlier, to make a deposit you will have to move your skins from your Steam profile to the site. Or you can exchange them for RustChance currency. The withdrawal also works in a similar way, you can use the coins token you won to purchase skins from the RustChance shop and get them to your Steam profile.

RustChance Conclusion

RustChance is one of the best Rust gambling sites. The site is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. It has an extensive collection of games that can keep the members engaged for hours. And you can trust them since they work on a provably fair system and all the transactions are quick. We highly recommend you to take up Rust betting on RustChance and win big by playing smartly. BannerAd Disclosure