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Best alternatives for skin gambling

Skin Gambling is currently quite popular in the online gambling world. But not everyone wants to gamble their skins. Since the skin might be worth a lot more than the gambling site rates them. Or simply you love your skins too much to gamble them away. So today CSGOMeister we give you exciting and at the same time interesting gambling alternatives for skin gambling.

Crypto gambling sites

Since the emergence of the crypto world. Plenty of industries have started to invest in it and with time the crypto world has continued to expand. So it was not long that the gambling world would also jump in on the bandwagon and offer crypto services. Many gambling platforms have been developed recently that avail full benefits of the crypto world. Since here there is clear transparency and no kind of fraud can be conducted by the casino.

At the time of this writing there are plenty of crypto gambling and betting sites that use cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. But only a handful of them have made a true name for themselves which includes Roobet and Stake. Both of these sites have emerged in the past couple of years but in no time have established a solid name for themselves in the crypto gambling world. Owing to their reliable, legit and safe gambling services. The users are happy with their experience and are one of the best alternatives to skin gambling.

Real money online casinos

You should always ask yourself in advance whether you are ready to use real money to play in an online casino. If you answered no to this question at first, you should perhaps try a few rounds with play money. So you get to know some games without being able to deposit real money. You can recognize a serious online casino by the valid gambling license. There are also a number of other criteria such as game selection, casino bonuses and user friendliness. If everything is correct, you can safely play casino games for real money.

The game selection is large: Whether video slots with many paylines, classic slot machine games, jackpot slots, classic cards such as roulette, blackjack, casino poker or even video poker, lottery or bingo - you will find many varied online gambling formats. There are also numerous online advantages: higher payout rates, bonus money and the comfort of the couch at home. With the exception of the live casino content, you can start all casino games as a free demo version. This gives you the opportunity to try out different casino games and slots for free without any risk and to determine your favorites.

Real money esports betting sites

Esports is still in its infancy, but it is becoming more and more popular. With the numerous games it is possible to place bets with real money and benefit from lucrative esport betting odds. Some betting platforms offer the win bet as a three- or two-way bet. With the two-way bet, you bet on which team will win the tournament or the game. In the case of the three-way bet, there is also the option “draw” for a tip. In addition to the win bet, the handicap bet is also a popular type of bet in eSport bets with real money. What is special about the handicaps? Here the favored team receives an imaginary point disadvantage.

That also affects the odds. With the fictitious crediting of points, the theoretical chance of a draw increases. Even the supposed outsiders now have the fictitious chance of winning a bet - according to the quota. This allows you to win real money bets even with apparent outsiders.

Real money esports betting is also possible on multiple titles which include League of Legends, Dota2, CSGO, Smite, Fortnite, PUBG and a lot more. You can never get bored of the real money bets offered in the esports betting world. And it is one of the ebay easiest alternatives to skin betting. Since most of the gambling sites that offer skin betting also offer real money esports bets so you won’t have to risk your prestigious skins.

Esports predictions and Fantasy betting sites

The fantasy world of the sport industry is quite simple to understand. Here you pick the player that you want in your squad and then hope that they deliver good performances throughout the competition. The squad you pick will be awarded points for planting, bombs, spikes, match wins, map wins, tournament wins, kills and other in-game achievements. The goal is to formulate the best squad and get the winning prize.

The fantasy esports world is a new phenomenon, yet it is becoming increasingly popular. Some gambling and betting sites offer a wide range of esports fantasy games. All you have to do is sign up, select a tournament you want to participate in, choose the members of your team and hope for the best. Currently the fantasy leagues are offered on League of Legends, CSGO, Rocket League, Call of Duty and Overwatch. The list continues to grow and we are confident that you will get value for our money. It is a new yet a very exciting way to bet real money instead of the skins you have in your inventory.

In-game case opening

In CSGO, Valve distributes cases to every single player in the game. Majority of the times the MVP of a match is awarded the cases. It is a great way to award players for their time and effort they put in playing the game. However to open these cases you will require keys that you need to purchase. The price of each key depends on the case you open. However this practice is not encouraged since most of the times the items you get are worth less than the key you purchased. But still it is a little more exciting way to get new skins without risking your current ones via CSGO gambling.

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