Steam Sales 2022

The dates for the Steam Sale are one of the best-kept secrets by Valve. Yet the community still manages to find them before the actual event. Steam shares this information with its partners and developers, but if the consumers know when the sales are going to happen, they would just wait for discounts instead of buying the game for the actual price.

To keep its community satisfied, Valve holds Steam sales on a quite regular basis. Every year more sales are added which includes the publisher bundles and snap sales. Yet it is the seasonal sales that offer deepest price cuts on the most extensive collection of games and they tend to be held during Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring. In this article, we will provide you a comprehensive insight on the most information about Steam Sales. We will also give you some Steam Sale tips on how not to be compulsive and invest your money smartly on some of the best deals in the market.

When is the next Steam Sale 2022?

They tend to take place at regular times each year. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the dates of the upcoming year since they happen on the dates form the last few years.

Seeing the trends of the past years, Steam sales kick off at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST on usually the second or third Thursday or Friday of their respective month. These dates are common for Steam Summer Sale, Winter Sale, Halloween Sale, Spring Cleaning, Steam Awards, Lunar New Year Sale. Meanwhile, Black Friday and Steam Autumn Sale have been taking place on Wednesdays in the last few years.

Steam Summer Sale 2021

Expected to take place between June 24 and July 8 - It is regarded as one of the biggest sales of the year. Since it offers exceptional deals on some of the most popular gaming titles. You won’t find many offers on minigames, yet you can buy many publisher bundles and you could even get small discounts on the newest games. The sale lasts for quite some time so you have room to think about what to get.

Steam Halloween Sale 2021

Expected to take place between October 28 - November 1 - The Steam Halloween Sale offers a great deal on spooky games. This doesn’t mean that horror games are not discounted on other sales. On Halloween, almost every horror game is discounted, even an extensive collection of minigames. The fans of horror titles love this sale for the little cost and great value of their money.

Steam Autumn sale 2021

Expected to take place between November 24 and November 30 - Every year the Steam Autumn sale takes place for weeks and also covers Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is one of the best sales for the biggest discounts of the year. Aside from getting great deals on the biggest titles of the year, the Steam Autumn Sale also shows nominees of the Steam Awards.

Steam Awards 2022

Introduced in 2016, Steam awards are annual user-voted awards game distributors on Steam. There are two phases of these awards. The first phase is where Valve picks the games and categories for the awards and allows users to vote for only one game in each particular category. The nominations are reviewed by Valve and then another voting phase begins for the top five titles. As we mentioned the voting and nomination periods start and end between Steam's annual autumn and winter holiday sales.

Steam Winter Sale 2022

Expected to take place between December 23 - January 5 - Steam Winter Sale might not have the biggest window but it offers great discounts on the biggest, most popular titles of the years. It is alongside Steam Summer sale in terms of popularity it also features some cool free minigames and you can also vote for your favorite titles for Steam Awards.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2022

The Steam Chinese Lunar New Year Sale is expected to be the first sale of every year or the sale that takes place after the Steam Winter sale. No matter how you view it, The Steam Lunar offers a decent series of discounts and always paves the way for some minigames. The players can also get tokens by reading about Legends of China and by also opening some crates and envelopes. When players open an envelope, they get tokens to purchase games or got money deposited to their Steam wallet. The players can also use the tokens to get decorative items for their Steam profiles.

Steam Spring Cleaning 2021

Expected to take place between May 20 - May 27 - It is not the most traditional sale of the year. It means that this sale is not held every year. However, whenever it happens, it offers great discounts on some old games which have lost their worth with time. It also offers great deals on indie games.

Re-Play Sale 2021

Expected to take place between April 8 - April 15 - The majority of the retro titles are offered on Discount prices in Re-Play sale. Sometimes Steam even donates a certain percentage of these to children affected by Wars and Hospitals. Last year the donations were made to Coronavirus Crisis.

Steam Golden Week Sale 2021

Expected to take place between April 29 - May 5 - Every year the Golden Week Sale holds some of the most veteran titles. The most recent sales featured some of the best titles of the Japanese developers including, Bandai Namco's Tekken 7, Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV, Dark Souls, and Capcom's Monster Hunter: World. Over the years, this sale continues to take place on some Asian holidays.

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How long do Steam sales last?

The big ones are the Steam Winter Sale and Steam Summer Sale since they last for around 14 days. Meanwhile, Autumn, Black Friday, and Spring sales last for around 7 days. This is really good since it gives us plenty of time to think about what we want.

Steam Sale tips

Plan your budget wisely

It is one of the best practices to make sure you don’t empty your wallet. Disciplining yourself on a cash limit on how much money you can spend on a game will help from overspending and it will also enable you to check yourself that you are spending your money on the right games. Always set your budget around what you are looking for.

Be smart and make a wishlist

Adding games to your wishlist is a smart option. When you see a game that you like, you should add it to the wishlist. Since whenever there is a sale on that game, it shows the price and the discount offered on your favorite titles and you will also get a notification of the deals on every game of your list. It is thus really easy to keep adding your favorite titles to your wishlist and buy them instantly whenever they are on a discount. If you are lucky and have your birthday during sales, then your friends can see your list and might gift you these titles.

Get your hands on expansions and DLC

There are a lot of complaints regarding that DLC might be overpriced, since they only add a few hours of new gameplay. In Steam sales, you can get your hands on these expansions for just a few bucks and enjoy your small investment.

Go for indie games and publisher bundles

Publisher bundles and indie games have the largest discounts with the best deals. You can even buy indie games for a few cents. Meanwhile, publisher bundles are a great way to get your favorite collection of games.

Publisher bundles offer the best deals. The publisher bundles are one of the best-discounted items and will save you tons of money if you are in entire catalogs or series. If you are interested in an Assasin Creed title then we will recommend you to buy the entire bundle, since there are chances that the discount on an entire bundle might just be equal to one game.

Indie games offer real value to your money. Steam sales are a great way to get prices cut on some of the most popular games in the world, but even after the discount, they can cost up to 25 to 35 dollars. If you want to get a lot of playing time for the Steam sales, then you should try out indie games since they might cost a few dollars or even cents. These small titles should provide you true worth for your money.

You can always wait for another sale

If you are really busy and don’t have time to play the game before the next sale then it is a smart option to just wait. Since there is a high probability that you can avail more discounts on annual sales.

It is also really easy to just hold back from making a purchase because on Steam there are on flash or daily deals. If the title you like has a discount on it, then it’s going to be there until the end of the sales season, so you will have some time to make a decision. Maybe it will even give you enough time to upgrade your graphic card or PC for the high-end game you would want to play.

Don’t go for new games

You should practice patience when it comes to buying new games since they get very small discounted deals. Just wait for a few months or even years, trust us the deal you will get is surely worth the wait.

This tip is not for everyone, and we understand that. Since some games use Steam sales to just get a discount on the new games and leave. These tips are not even for those people because they know what they want, what they are looking for, and will not for the purchasing loop like us gullible gamers. If you are a casual user who browses constantly on Steam and window-shops then it is really important not to overspend your budget on just one game. The newest Fallout or Battlefield might be 20% off but it is not the price cut that the older games offer. Twenty percent off on an eighty dollar game will take up a larger portion of your budget than other games during the sales.

Check the weekends for themed sales

It is a common practice among the publisher to put everything up for sale during the weekend. This event is usually labeled as homepage takeover and some of the best games are offered on discounted prices.

We hope that all this information on Steam Sales and tips has helped to understand the knowledge of the market. If you have any queries, then feel free to contact us. Keep checking CSGOMeister for the best offers on some of the best gaming titles on Steam.

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