Themed CSGO inventories & loadouts

CSGO is one of the oldest and most prestigious titles on the market. The game has regularly received updates, which has played a vital role in creating a worldwide passionate community of gamers. This popularity gave rise to new trends on the market and one of them is the themed inventories. And at CSGOMeister we have compiled a list of the most in-demand inventories on the market.

CS:GO Animal Themed Inventory

The first mention in our list goes to the CS:GO Animal Themed Inventory. It includes some of the most prestigious skins in the CSGO world and the most passionate players in the world have this collection in their inventory. Feel free to look up our list Animal CS:GO Skins and find the most prestigious items on the market.

CS:GO Asian Themed Inventory

CS:GO Asian Themed Inventory hosts a wide range of anime as well as Japanese themed skins. You can find some of the most popular choices on our list of Japanese & Chinese CS:GO Skins, which also includes some of the cheapest items on the market. Feel free to let us know in the comments section if missed out on any Asian CSGO skins.

CS:GO Black Themed Inventory

If you love the color black and love to play CSGO then we have some great news for you. Since we have gathered some of the most prestigious and stylish CS:GO Black Themed skins in the market. Our list of Black CS:GO Skins will surely help you decide which skins will come in handy as you win games.

CS:GO Blue Themed Inventory

We have some great news for the fans of the color blue since CSGO world holds an extensive list of CS:GO Blue Themed Skins. There are different designs as well as a great variety of blue shades. So that everyone can collect an inventory of their choice. You can find your favorite colors in pistols, rifles, SMGs, and more.

  • CZ75-Auto | Chalice | Poison Dart | Hexane
  • Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption | Blue Ply | Midnight Storm | Night Heist | Hand Cannon
  • Dual Berettas | Urban Shock | Cobalt Quartz | Anodized Navy | Moon in Libra
  • Five-SeveN | Fowl Play | Case Hardened (Blue Gem)
  • Glock-18 | Twilight Galaxy | Off World | Blue Fissure | Bunsen Burner
  • P2000 | Fire Elemental | Ocean Foam | Corticera | Handgun | Oceanic
  • P250 | Undertow | X-Ray | Ripple | Valence
  • R8 Revolver | Llama Cannon | Phoenix Marker
  • Tec-9 | Titanium Bit | Avalanche | Ice Cap
  • USP-S | Guardian | Blueprint | Royal Blue | Monster Mashup
  • AK-47 | Blue Laminate | Frontside Misty | Vulcan
  • AUG | Akihabara Accept | Momentum | Aristocrat | Navy Murano | Anodized Navy
  • AWP | Sun in Leo | Atheris | Corticera | Medusa | Gungnir | Hyper Beast
  • Famas | Afterimage | Teardown | Hexane | Prime Conspiracy
  • G3SG1 | Chronos | Demeter | Azure Zebra
  • Galil AR | Stone Cold | Blue Titanium | Rocket Pop | Aqua Terrace | Cold Fusion
  • M4A1-S | Hyper Beast | Nightmare | Guardian | Blue Phosphor | Master Piece | Icarus Fell | Bright Water | Briefing
  • M4A4 | The Emperor | Desolate Space | Poseidon | Global Offensive | Dark Blossom
  • SCAR-20 | Cardiac | Assault | Blueprint | Grotto
  • SG 553 | Aloha | Anodized Navy | Wave Spray | Waves Perforated
  • SSG 08 | Tropical Storm | Abyss | Mainframe 001
  • MAC-10 | Indigo | Lapis Gator | Oceanic
  • MP5 | Phosphor | Agent | Co-Processor
  • MP7 | Ocean Foam | Cirrus | Anodized Navy | Asterion
  • MP9 | Stained Glass | Pandoras Box
  • PP-Bizon | Blue Streak | Water Sigil | Cobalt Halftone | Embargo
  • P90 | Blindspot | Off World | Traction | Module
  • UMP-45 | Primal Saber | Exposure | Scaffold | Indigo | Minotaurs Labyrinth
  • MAG-7 | Justice | Monster Call | Hard Water | Cobalt Core
  • Nova | Moon in Libra | Tempest
  • Sawed-Off | Apocalypto | Serenity
  • XM1014 | Blue Steel | VariCamo Blue | Slipstream
  • M249 | Shipping Forecast
  • Negev | Anodized Navy | Man-o'-war

CS:GO Collectors Inventory

If money is no object for you then our list of Most Rarest CS:GO Skins & Items will surely attract your attention. We have got some of the most prestigious items on the market that are priceless in their own way. They are not only rare but also hold great value in the CSGO community.

CS:GO Green Themed Inventory

If you are a fan of the Hulk then this list of Green CS:GO Skins will surely catch your attention. Ir holds some of the most exotic looking items in the CSGO world and has stickers on them that give them a unique look. You can browse our list to find the best items that you will surely love to add to your green-themed collection.

CS:GO Military Themed Inventory

It is no surprise that the designers of CSGO skin have invested their time to create a military inventory. Our list of Military & Camo CS:GO Skins holds some of the most attractive items in the community and the army fans will surely have a great time navigating through our list.

CS:GO Millionaire Inventory

After CS:GO Collectors Inventory we will also give you a sneak peek into the list of Most Expensive CS:GO Skins. These are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and depending on their demand they can also climb the million-dollar mark. So make sure to get a hold of your platinum credit card before you scroll through the market to purchase these skins.

CS:GO Nuclear Themed inventory

Seeing the demand for Half-Life 2 it is no surprise that the fans are busy designing CSGO Nuclear themed Skins. We present to you a list of Radioactive CS:GO Skins that will surely attract your interest and these brilliant design ideas will surely attract you to invest your time.

CS:GO Old School Inventory

Our list of Oldest CS:GO Skins is for the veterans of the game. The designers themselves are some of the oldest CSGO enthusiasts and they have done a great job in bringing their imagination to life. We have gathered some of the most prestigious and nostalgic skins available on the market

CS:GO Orange Themed Inventory

The CS:GO Orange Themed Inventory hosts some of the most exciting items on the market. We have collected some of the best ones which include items with lava, or fire themes. Some even come with great animations and we have spared no expense in making a list of the most desirable Orange CS:GO Skins.

CS:GO Purple Themed Inventory

Our list of Purple & Pink CS:GO Skins will surely get you on the edge of your seat. Since we have researched some of the oldest as well as some of the most desirable items in this list. We can guarantee you that you will have a great time selecting the perfect item combination since this category is extremely diverse where the demands of everyone can be met easily.

CS:GO Red Themed Inventory

If you like blood on your hands then this list of Red CS:GO Skins is the perfect choice for you. The designers have really shown hard work in catching the imagination of the CSGO community. And have done a great job in producing a remarkable collection and this list will surely grow with time.

  • CZ75-Auto | Red Astor | Crimson Web
  • Desert Eagle | Code Red | Crimson Web | Sunset Storm 壱
  • Dual Berettas | Hemoglobin
  • Five SeveN | Urban Hazard | Candy Apple | Crimson Blossom
  • Glock-18 | Water Elemental | Candy Apple
  • P2000 | Obsidian | Urban Hazard | Imperial | Red FragCam
  • P250 | Muertos | Crimson Kimono | Never More
  • R8 Revolver | Crimson Web
  • USP-S | Kill Confirmed | Check Engine | Cyrex
  • AK-47 | Bloodsport | Red Laminate | The Empress | Redline | Orbit Mk01
  • AUG | Hot Rod | Radiation Hazard | Syd Mead
  • AWP | Wildfire | Redline
  • Famas | Rollcage | SurvivorZ | Styx
  • G3SG1 | The Executioner
  • Galil AR | Signal
  • M4A1-S | Cyrex | Hot Rod | Blood Tiger | Welcome to the Jungle
  • M4A4 | Howl | Bullet Rain | Hellfire | Tooth Fairy | Evil Daimyo | Converter | Radiation Hazard
  • SCAR-20 | Crimson Web | Cyrex
  • SG 553 | Cyrex | Integrale | Darkwing | Candy Apple
  • SSG 08 | Bloodshot
  • MAC-10 | Pipe Down | Red Filigree | Carnivore | Candy Apple | Heat | Tatter
  • MP7 | Bloodsport | Full Stop
  • MP9 | Setting Sun | Hot Rod | Ruby Poison Dart
  • PP-Bizon | High Roller | Candy Apple
  • P90 | Cold Blooded
  • MAG-7 | Heat
  • Nova | Bloomstick | Candy Apple
  • XM1014 | Tranquility | Red Leather | Heaven Guard
  • M249 | System Lock
  • Negev | Mjölnir

CS:GO White & Silver Themed Inventory

So our list hosts almost every white skin in CSGO. It holds something for everyone since it has some of the cheapest as well as the most expensive items on the market. You will see on our list that not every item is completely white so you can use your imagination to form your own custom inventory.

  • CZ75-Auto | Victoria | Pole Position | Tread Plate | Imprint | Tuxedo | Silver | Twist
  • Desert Eagle | Printstream | Mecha Industries | Hypnotic | Heirloom | Pilot
  • Dual Berettas | Cartel | Black Limba
  • Five-SeveN | Anodized Gunmetal | Silver Quartz | Kami
  • Glock-18 | Franklin
  • P2000 | Silver
  • P250 | Asiimov | Cartel | Franklin | Whiteout
  • Tec-9 | Bamboo Forest
  • USP-S | Road Rash | Stainless
  • AK-47 | Asiimov | Hydroponic
  • AUG | Akihabara Accept
  • AWP | Asiimov
  • Famas | Mecha Industries
  • Galil AR | Tuxedo
  • M4A1-S | Printstream | Mecha Industries
  • M4A4 | Asiimov
  • SG 553 | Damascus Steel | Hypnotic
  • SSG 08 | Ghost Crusader | Detour | Hand Brake
  • MAC-10 | Silver
  • MP7 | Whiteout
  • MP9 | Airlock | Hypnotic
  • PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print
  • UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf
  • MAG7 | Firestarter | Silver
  • Nova | Caged Steel

CS:GO Yellow Themed Inventory

If you love sunshine but don’t have time to go out because you are playing your favorite FPS title then look no further. Our list of yellow themed CS: GO skins is the perfect choice for you to get your hands on some of the best items.

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