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VGO Gambling

VGO Gambling once became a popular trend in the gambling world after Valve, the developer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, implemented a 7-day trade lock on the CSGO items. This move simply removed all the profits from the skin gambling business.

In the past, CSGO skins and items were used by hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world not only as virtual items with decent value but money as well. It was a cryptocurrency in its own ways since it was anonymous, globally available and transfers were instantaneous. But since it had no control, it paved the way for modern-day CSGO gambling. Here instead of real-money CSGO items were used to place bets. This created plenty of legal issues for Valve since one of the main problems was it created the perfect environment for underage gambling. So Valve had to enforce plenty of rules to stop bookmakers and online casinos from getting involved in skin gambling.

The 7-day trade lock ended all the hopes of esports enthusiasts and professional gamblers who used skin betting to gain big profits. Moreover, it also halted the huge skin gambling market which includes big franchises like OPSkins, traders, and common gamblers. OPSkins found a way around the trade lock by offering a trade of digital items between its users without changing the ownership until the users withdraw items from their profile. Valve became aware of these practices and announced to ban all the bots owned by OPSkins.

Now after all these shutdowns, the idea of VGO skins came into existence. It was OPSkins that implemented this idea to create new items that are similar to CSGO skins that the players could trade. However, the biggest blow to this idea was that these items had no real value since they were not used in any game or had an official marketplace. As a result, the experienced gamblers were not really interested in carrying out business with these items. Yet it allowed all the gambling platforms to rebrand themselves from CSGO Casinos to VGO Gambling sites and exist as sites that offer VGO services, deposits, and withdrawals. Obviously, this market failed to make an impact as the weekend gamblers completely backed off and some sites were forced to shut down. The sites that survived were heavily struggling but since there was no competition, they managed to just barely fulfill their expenses.

VGO Casino Games

The VGO Casinos and gambling sites offer plenty off games which provided opportunities to win skins, they were divided into two categories:

  • PVE (where the members play against the House)
  • PVP (where the members play against other players)

VGO Upgrade

This was one of the most common games found on VGO skin gambling websites, but since many players were not aware of it, it was a new feature for them. The purpose of the VGO upgrade was to exchange your item for a more prestigious one. When you placed your skin you had the option of picking a multiplier (x20, x10, x5, x2) and the site will also provide you the probability of you winning. Obviously, it worked in the same ways and CSGO skin upgrade, since the higher multiplier you picked, the fewer chances you had of getting the upgrade.

VGO Roulette

The pioneer title of the gambling community didn’t take too much time to make its way to VGO Gambling and it was offered on almost every platform. It operated on the same principles as classic roulette but instead of using chips, coins, or money, players used skins. It had plenty of versions with 3 or more colors to gamble on. The most popular color choices were red, black, and green. The black and red colors offered 2x returns while green offered 14x, yet you should know that the chances of landing on the green were quite slim. Meanwhile, some VGO roulette sites offered more additional colors and also had big multipliers that reached as high as 60x. The rules of the game were simple, where the player picked a color that they believed would land on the next round and picked their wagered amount. If you guessed right then your bet was multiplied by the number of wagered on.

VGO Crash

Crash is one of the few titles that was warmly welcomed into the modern-day CSGO gambling. The rules to play were pretty simple, the players wagered their skins before the start of a round and when it started the multiplier would go to 1x,2x,5x, and up to hundreds. However, the games could “Crash” at any time, and to win the players had to cash out before the game did. If you got greedy and failed to do so then you lost your bet. VGO Crash was unarguably one of the best ways to make big profits and is also quite popular on today’s CSGO gambling sites.

VGO Coinflip

Coinflip is one of the best examples of PVP games, where you gambled against other players. It was quite easy to play. Here the game was created when players gamble their skins on a side of a coin. Then the other player would bet with VGO skin of similar value. Then the site flipped the coin and the winning side would take all the skins. Each member had a 50% chance of winning and the site would take 5% to 10% from the games.

VGO Gambling Conclusion

Even with all these games and sites, VGO gambling slowly came to a demise since there was no market where you set and see the actual worth of the skin. Each site had its own rules which made it impossible to run in the long run. Now, these sites are no more and the ones that are operating on skin gambling offer CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust and other titles. You can see the above-mentioned games on these sites.

If you have other queries about VGO gambling feel free to contact us. We would love to help you and keep you updated on all the latest trends and updates.