The Best VoIP Voice Chat Apps & Services for PC Gaming

If you want to coordinate the activities of the members of a clan or guild during a game, voice chat for gamers is the best choice. You can quickly agree on how to attack opponents or defend yourself, develop strategies together and forge new alliances. If you want to use voice chat, you can opt for several software variants. The following article introduces you to some of the best alternatives to in-game voice chat. However, it is not that easy to decide which of the programs is the best.

We have listed out the best alternatives for In-Game Voice Chat:

1. Discord

Free, secure and extensive: This is how the voice chat Discord of the company Discord Inc., founded in 2015, presents itself. To be more precise, Discord is a program for voice, video and text chat. It is available in versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as an app for Android and iOS. Communication is possible via public channels, secret group chats or in the 1-to-1 exchange of direct messages. A game overlay is possible.

As a user you can create your own server at Discord or be invited by gamer friends. With your own server you can assign certain roles to members if necessary, for example giving them moderator rights. While Discord is free, you have to pay for the additional Discord Nitro offer. For example, you then get access to a collection of games as well as the possibility to use animated avatars and emojis.

The streaming service from Discord, called “ Go Live ”, is relatively new and is designed for small groups of a maximum of ten people. Everyone can share their own gameplay with the others, so that a maximum of ten windows with streams are open at the same time. For the time being, the feature is only available for Windows PCs. Later, however, there will also be mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Players can create custom hotkeys and use Discord as an in-game overlay. The overlay feature is very useful as Discord allows players to have seamless interaction both with the game they are playing and with anyone they communicate with. The service also allows players to set individual volume levels for other players. So it's easy to turn up the volume for the people you want to hear and turn it down for others. Couple that with Discord's low resource and bandwidth usage and you have an easy winner. Apart from that, Discord also offers IP and DDoS protection so you don't have to worry about someone dDosing your server.

2. Teamspeak

Teamspeak is the voice chat program, the roots of which go back farthest into the past. The program was created in 2001 and is now available for Windows, Linux, MacOS and smartphones with iOS or Android. While the PC versions of TeamSpeak are free, a small amount is charged for the apps.

Like Mumble and Discord, TeamSpeak offers an in-game overlay and the ability to chat with each other via voice and text. In addition to chatting, whispering and nudging are possible. If you want, you can create a Teamspeak server yourself. The functionality of the voice chat software can be expanded with various Teamspeak plugins. For example, the WhisperSound plug-in reports acoustically if someone whispers to you on a server from another channel. And with the MassMover plug-in, entire groups can be moved back and forth between the channels.

3. Mumble

Mumble is also a free voice chat, which is good for gamers, and an open source project. Mumble can be used for mobile gaming thanks to the manufacturer's cooperation with third-party app providers. If you want to use the program with an Android smartphone, you can choose the Plumble-Mumble app, for example. iPhone users choose Mumblefy.

Mumble offers users a voice and text chat function. In addition to voice chats, voice recordings are also possible. You can also have text messages read aloud using the text-to-speech feature. If necessary, you can use the in-game overlay in games, which shows the name and status of the respective user in the channel.

Mumble is also suitable for agreements in hectic game phases. The voice chat service has good voice quality and hardly any latency and rates the encryption of the calls as a further plus point. In some games, Mumble also offers position-dependent audio. If an allied clan member stands to the left of their own game character, the voice of the respective gamer also comes from the left. If he is further away, his voice is quieter.

4. GameVox

GameVox is another great service that allows you to create and manage your own chat server. They offer a free standard server which is perfect if you are just starting out and want to try the service out. One of the best features of this service is the way new people are added to the group. The server admin can simply share a link with the person they want to add to the server and they can simply follow the link to connect them. No addresses and passwords have to be entered

GameVox also offers custom designs for the servers that can be used to give your server a unique look. Administrators can even customize the user layout for their server. GameVox uses the latest voice codecs resulting in the low latency they boast. Administrators can create and customize badges, assign badges to users, designate users as priority speakers, and more. GameVox is powered by Overwolf which allows it to be kept as an overlay for games.

5. Raidcall

Raidcall is a free VoIP service that you can use as an in-game chat app. The great thing about this service is that the system resources are very low. You can run this app and you won't see much of a difference in how your system performs while you play. However, the biggest feature of this service is that it can support up to 100,000 users in the same Raidcall group. The sound quality is good and additional functions such as voice recording , noise reduction, polls, announcements and much more are offered

Users can use Raidcall to transfer files , keep chat recordings, share YouTube videos, etc. Raidcall servers support themes and emoticons for customization. If you're streaming a Twitch video, you can still chat with Raidcall at the same time.

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